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Hybrid Mal

Hybrid Mal

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The Mullet Mal uses a performance longboard template. Compared to other softboards (particularly those with a learn to surf focus) it features a sleeker outline, more tapered responsive rails and a little more rocker. It is also considerable thinner overall.

The template still has quite a lot of volume up front, so it will still paddle fast and plane easily. This also enables nose riding for the more experienced rider.

It has a low entry rocker for extra paddle power and trim speed, with a moderate tail rocker which allows the bigger board to have some extra manoeuvrability.

Compared to most softboards, this one is nice and thin, with harder rails through the tail making it super responsive.

We've given it a 2 +1 Fin set up for maximum versatility - it can be ridden as a single fin, 2 +1 (single fins + stabilisers), Twin or even standard thruster (requires longboard box adaptor).

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