Meet the Team

We're proud to have one of the most diverse teams in the industry, but they all have one thing in common - they froth on riding softboards in all conditions!

Dan Brown

The Mullet Lord couldn't represent our brand any better. He's hot, shredded and has an iconic Mullet.

He rips in all waves, riding anything, and doesn't take himself seriously.

Browny's cafe, Lords Coffee, makes the best brew in Newy too!

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Guy Brown

Funnily enough, he is not Mullet Lords brother.

Guy is another softboard frother that loves challenge of riding Mullet's in waves they are not meant to be ridden in.

We're not complaining though - it works for him and makes for epic content.

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Jed Garkut

Jed is a super laid-back, underground shredder from the NSW South Coast.

Jed lost sight in one of his eyes in surfing accident when he was younger, so now he only rides Soft Surfboards.

Sounds tame, but the slabs he surfs - most wouldn't paddle out in!

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Jonny V

Think you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who froths harder than Johnny.

Johnny is another guys who looks good riding anything.

He hails from Mid-North Coast NSW, so frequents the points, beachies and pubs of that region.

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Darcy Crump

Darcy is as close as the Mullet team gets to a competitive surfer.

While we usually steer clear of the high performance thruster, we understand that Darcy cant compete on the QS riding a Fat Cat.

Apart from his general shredding, we love that Darcy will jump on anyuthing from 4'8 to 8'0 to keep the froth in B-Grade waves.

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Josh Ku

Hailing from the rough streets of Maroubra, Kuey ditched the TN's and is now as stylish as they come - in and out of the water.

He doesn't get on the Mullets as much as he used to, but he is one of our OG's so we're always happy to flow him some boards.

These days if its under 10ft, his preferred form of transport is a foil.

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