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Hybrid Fish

Hybrid Fish

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The Hybrid Fish is a versatile performance small-wave softboard perfect for ripping up the summer waves. Using a traditional fish shape it has a bit of extra volume up front and through the mid section to help paddling and help maintain speed through weak sections or sloppy conditions.

To counter the extra width, we've given it a little hip on the tail, to ensure it can still turn on a dime and allow "top to bottom" style surfing in small waves.

The Hybrid Construction style has allowed us to create softboards that are much closer to a traditional fibreglass surfboard. The addition of the Fibreglass Membrane makes them considerably stiffer, which increases the speed you are able to generate from your bottom turn and maintain through turns. The added strength has also allowed us to make them a touch thinner which aids in increasing responsiveness and manoeuvrability.

How's it Ride?

Like most fishes, a bit of extra surface area under the front foot provides a lot of extra lift and planing power in smaller and weaker conditions.

Being a somewhat straight template with width through the mid section means its also quite fast down the line, while the hip in the tail ensures it is nice and responsive too.

Ideal Wave Conditions

Ideal waves would probably be small - medium sized beach breaks with a little less power.

Fin System

The Fish uses a standard thruster set-up with 3 x fins included with each board.

This model uses Futures Fin boxes and is compatible wiith all Futures Fins (or alternate brand variations).


5'6" x 20 1/4" x 2 5/8" - 30 Litres

5'10" x 20 1/2" x 2 3/4" - 34 Litres

Hybrid Construction Details

Like name suggests, we've combined the favourable elements from both a Performance Fibreglass Boards & and Entry Level Softboard to create a selection of board that stays true to our core values of Quality, Performance and Safety. 

Put simply, the construction consists of a Stringered EPS Core, wrapped in Fibreglass Cloth & Epoxy Resin, which is then encapsulated by a traditional Softboard deck skin and slick. 

Detailed Construction Specs:

24kg Density Moulded EPS Core

This core provide unhindered strength and enhanced durability while retaining light weight characteristics. It also has the most buoyancy and floatation of all surfboard cores.

Stringer System

Each Hybrid Board contains a stringer which acts as a backbone to the EPS Core. In the smaller models (6'0 and below), we use a light-weight Fibreglass Stringer, while the larger sizes (6'2+) we use a Solid Bamboo Stringer for increased strength.

Internal Membrane

Each Mullet Hybrid Series board contains 3 layers of 6oz Fibreglass set with Epoxy Resin on the Deck Side. (Standard Shortboards usually 2 X 4oz or 6oz)

On the Slick side contains 1 layers of 6oz Fibreglass set with Epoxy Resin. (Standard Shortboards usually 1 X 4oz or 6oz)

External Membrane

On the deck side this is encapsulated by a 5mm IXPE Deck skin for extra strength, durability and traction.

On the slick side, this is encapsulated by a super High Density PE Slick Bottom for protection, speed and durability.

Futures Fin System

We use an industry standard Futures Fin Box. This allows quick and easy fin installation and removal.

It is compatible with all Futures Fins making it easy to change fins to suit conditions or alter board performance.

Suggested Sizing

This model is best suited to Intermediate - Advanced Riders.

The 5'6 model is ideal for riders up to 85kg (advanced) or 65kg (intermediate)

The 5'10 model is ideal for riders up to 110kg or around 90kg if intermediate.

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A Fin Set is included with each Mullet Boards purchase. We also chuck in a block of wax so you can hit the water ASAP!


We provide overnight Shipping to Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Metro Areas. 5 Business Days to Perth. Orders usually ship Next Business Day.


If you're not happy with your board for any reason, we're happy to refund any unused boards.

For extra peace of mind, they also come with 90 Day warranty on materials and manufacturing.

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