4'8" Bob Cat

4'8" Bob Cat | Mullet Softboards


The BobCat is the newest, flashest model to hit the warehouse! With sick new colour ways and a new slick inspired by the blue collar working class, we bring you a new, fun variation of the fat cat. The Bob Cat comes with a strongly refined 'diamond' rail. WTF is that you ask? For those unsure of what a diamond rail is, imagine the rail of a bodyboard. That's what we've adopted here. Our riders love throwing spins and radical slides on these things, Jed is even doing spins into the barrel. With this in mind we've added the diamond rail. This will make spins and slides more functional with less rail catching when sliding and spinning. It also bites in HARD when it's put on rail. This seems like a natural progression to where you're all taking surfing and we're super excited to see what you can do with the new technology.
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