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8'0 Bean Stalk

8'0 Bean Stalk

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*Please Note - We've updated 2023/24 Model with Round Tail.

This year we have introduced a new model to the Mullet Range - the Bean Stalk.

This is a board that pretty much anyone can have a crack on, no matter what your skill level.

Our whole aim at Mullet is to keep surfing fresh, and produce boards to get you out there more often. With this in mind, this time round we’ve gone bigger than our usual offerings. Using a traditional Mini Mal shape, the Bean Stalk is guaranteed to have you hogging line ups and catching more waves than anyone no matter how small or weak the waves are.

We also found there was a bit of a gap in our range for the beginner to intermediate surfer, so if that’s where you’re at, this is the board that will have you ripping sooner rather than later!


How's it Ride?

The Bean Stalk feature a classic Mini Mal template. This ensures they paddle fast so you'll catch plenty of waves and are nice and stable once your up and riding.

While they are perfect for beginner riders, we've made sure its not to thick, so once you `begin to improve it will allow you to start doing more advanced turns.

Ideal Wave Conditions

Bean Stalk is surfable in most conditions, but generally designed to help you get the most out of smaller, weaker waves.

Suggested Sizing

For Beginners, it is best suited for riders up to around 90kg.

For Advanced surfers, it is ideal for riders of all sizes.


8’0” x 22 5/8”x 3 1/8

70 Litres

Construction Details

Core:Moulded Fusion X (EPS Foam Core) 

Deck:10lb PE

Slick:Xtra Duralinx

Tail: Square Tail

Stringer: 2 X Fibreglass Reinforced Bamboo Stringers

Fins: Thruster Fin Set-Up (Fins Included)

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A Fin Set is included with each Mullet Boards purchase. We also chuck in a block of wax so you can hit the water ASAP!


We provide overnight Shipping to Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Metro Areas. 5 Business Days to Perth. Orders usually ship Next Business Day.


If you're not happy with your board for any reason, we're happy to refund any unused boards.

For extra peace of mind, they also come with 90 Day warranty on materials and manufacturing.