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4'8" Fat Cat

4'8" Fat Cat

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The Fat Cat is the ultimate Summer Foam shred sled! In summer slop it's capable of spins, tail slides and shove its, while the clipped tail give it enough hold to be a viable option for shoreys, & reef slabs too. If you have a luxury of a point break, you can ride it any way you want!

The Fat Cat is an evolution of the Mini Simmons style boards. These are based on the theory of a "planing hull" and compared to a traditional surfboard it is wider, shorter, and flatter. It has a wide rounded nose, with a large single concave running the whole way through. These features combine to maximise planning area, while minimizing drag. This means you can get exceptional down the line speed off the weakest of sections.

How's it Ride?

The thing that makes the Fat Cat special is how unique it is.

The large single concave, combined with thickness and width means its planes easily, and accellerates quickly even in weaker or sloppy waves.

As far as turns go, while you can put it on rail, the small keel fins make it perfect for moves such as tail slides & spins when the waves don't allow for a more top to bottom style of surfing.

Ideal Wave Conditions

Well, we never thought we'd see the day we'd tell you a 4'8" softboard could be the most versatile in your quiver.

The Fat Cat was originally designed for small, weak, junky waves so its fun to surf in those.

More recently, this shape now seems to be our team riders go-to board for slabby waves, whether its perfect 4 foot peaks, or a 2 foot close-out shoreys. Putting your foot on the inside peg of the crescent tail gives plenty of hold when required, while the shorter length allows it to easily fit in the curve of smaller hollower waves.

Ideal wave though? In a perfect world we'd be spinning and sliding the Fat Cat across some Long, slow point breaks.

Suggested Sizing

For Beginners, it is best suited for Kids up to 30kg.

For Intermediate Surfers, it is best suited for riders around 55kg

For Advanced surfers, it is ideal for riders up to 85kg.


4'8" x 21 3/4" x 2 7/16"

35 Litres

Construction Details

Core:Moulded Fusion X (EPS Foam Core) 

Deck:10lb PE

Slick:Xtra Duralinx

Tail: Clipped Crescent

Stringer: 2 X Fibreglass Reinforced Bamboo Stringers

Fins:Keel Twin Fin (Fins Included)

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A Fin Set is included with each Mullet Boards purchase. We also chuck in a block of wax so you can hit the water ASAP!


We provide overnight Shipping to Sydney, Melbourne & Brisbane Metro Areas. 5 Business Days to Perth. Orders usually ship Next Business Day.


If you're not happy with your board for any reason, we're happy to refund any unused boards.

For extra peace of mind, they also come with 90 Day warranty on materials and manufacturing.

Check out the Fat Cat in action